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The Micro-Vu Vector (next four pictures) is a sophisticated, versatile, non-contact and precision coordinate measuring system. With its two micron encodes, and the Q-16 metrology readout, and in conjunction with the InSpec Metrology Software with edge detection, this machine is capable of exceeding our customer needs in producing a quality product. From machined metal, plastic, and electronics, right down to simple visual inspection, this system can handle various measuring applications with ease. Being one of the only manufacturers in the industry that possesses this magnitude of equipment, our customers will get a quality product the first time, every time.

Hwacheon  HI-ECA21HAS: These 2-axis CNCs chuckers have a work envelope of up to 21" x 32" with 15 hp, and add to the capability of short runs while also enhancing secondary machining capability.

Chevalier FL-820s Turning centers: These 2- axis bar-fed machines have a 2.4 through spindle capability with live tail stock for precision turning up to 42 inch length.

Chevalier Manual Mill: These NC machines have three axis with a 10 hp spindle and auto feed capability.

Barons: These machines at 4,000 rpms produce more than 20 hp. Travel on these machine are 24 x 16 x 20. Along with a 16-tool changer with index able chucks, this will more than accomplish any customer's need.

Miyano BNJ: These 10 hp, 8-axis bar-fed machines have the fastest rapid travel available. They have a 2.0 through spindle and matching sub spindle and eight live tools.

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